What is the best Austin nightlife?

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Hayley Bosch

As the home of the largest university in one of the largest states, it’s no wonder that Austin has a vibrant nightlife. That being said, it’s not just the 50,000 University of Texas students that crawl through the bars. Sure, the main nightlife is concentrated in one area; but there is quite a mix of crowds, if we do say so ourselves. Austin is (according to Austin) the "Live Music Capital of the World," so you can imagine that a lot of the nightlife includes some sort of music. Whether you are interested in a traditional sports bar or a trendy new nightclub, Sixth Street in Downtown Austin has a spot for you.

The college and post-grad kids flock to East Sixth Street, where the street closes to traffic on Friday and Saturday nights for an all out street party (think Bourbon Street in New Orleans). You’ll find everything from the Dizzy Rooster packed with college kids dancing on the bar to Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar where you can sing along as the two pianists go head to head. Of course, we all like to go back to the glory days every once in a while and for us, we head to the Library. At this Sixth Street bar, you’ll find a high-ceilinged room that looks like — yep you guessed it — a library; though extremely strong, the Library serves up the best Long Island Iced Teas in town. East Sixth can get pretty dirty, pretty quickly, so if you aren’t looking to relive your college days, head to West Sixth Street.

On the west side of this bar-filled street, you’ll find rooftop terraces overflowing with the classier yuppies alongside good old Texas beer joints. Considering its older crowd, this is the part of town you’ll want to be in if you are looking for fun without recreating Mardi Gras every Friday and Saturday night. We love the rooftop terrace at Molotov; it’s the perfect place to enjoy one of the perfect Austin evenings (as long as it’s not too hot). As for the dancers in the group, head over to the Ranch for a fabulous dance floor with the music pumping; here, there is another rooftop waiting for you, perfect for cooling off post-dancing.

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