What are the five best things to do with kids in Barbados?

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Bridget Bland

Barbados is a destination full of family-friendly attractions to keep kids and parents happy — together. Here are five options for activities that will satisfy the whole family:
1.  Submarine Trip. Take a trip under the sea with a submarine tour. The little ones will be excited to be fully submerged under water and to have the ability to see fish, coral and even an old shipwreck.
2.  Horseback Riding. Barbados allows kids to try horseback riding along the beach. Or, head to the east coast for rides on nature trails that are a bit more hilly.
3.  Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary. What kid doesn’t like an opportunity to see animals and birds. We found the 35-acre habitat at the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary full hundreds of wildlife. It is after all Barbados’s largest inland lake. We recommend making sure you catch the monkey feeding.
4.  Meet More Kids At A Kid Club. Most top-notch resorts in Barbados, like The Crane and Sandy Lane, have kid clubs, where parents can drop off their kids for the day. They are able to play with other kids and enjoy poolside activities and games. If you visit Barbados, during Easter weekend many resorts also offer Easter Egg Hunts and other fun-filled activities.
5.  Check Out A Cricket Match. Enlighten your child to the island’s favorite pastime – cricket. A state-of-the-art stadium in St. Michael was built for the national team, which consistently is the best in the Caribbean.

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