What's the best way to get to Barcelona?

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Alex Skjong

The best way to get to Barcelona is by taking your own private plane with NetJets — that means no lines at the airport, no delays and no one kicking the back of your seat. Through the private jet company, you can purchase an undivided interest in a specific aircraft; the size of your share is proportional to how many hours you fly in a year (the smallest share you can buy is a 1/16 interest, or about 50 hours of annual airtime). Our Forbes Travel Guide editors’ favorite part about NetJets is that it shortens your travel time a great deal. Say you’re flying NetJets to Barcelona from New York, your flight time will be about seven hours, compared to the usual 10. That will give you more time in one of Spain’s most vibrant cities. So hit up the beach, explore Parc Güell or sit down at an outdoor café on Las Ramblas and watch the locals, tourists and street performers go by. 

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