Where is the best nightlife in Barcelona?

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Ryan Craggs

Forbes Travel Guide editors say the best nightlife in Barcelona is in the neighborhood of Eixample. There you’ll have plenty of options to choose from, depending on what sort of evening you’re looking for. If you want to dance, or even to learn to dance, head to Antilla BCN Latin Club, where classes are offered earlier in the evening. If sitting on a veranda and sipping vino is more your scene, there are a handful of upscale wine bars with a great selection of bottles and glasses. Or to see and be seen, VIPs know that Otto Zutz, a local disco with nightly DJs, is the place to go.
And of course, you’ll find a slew of bars and clubs near the sea, including an outpost of Gimlet, a terrific cocktail bar, and CDLC Club, one of Barcelona’s most exclusive clubs, which fills up with yacht owners and jet-setters.

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