What are the guest rooms like at East, Beijing?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

The guest rooms at the newly opened East, Beijing are contemporary and clean-lined, featuring beige tones and a mix of textures. For example, the spacious 370-square-foot corner room has light hardwood flooring throughout, with floor-to-ceiling windows spanning the width of the room and wrapping around the desk. The beige, marble-clad bathroom is off the sleek entrance hallway, which features an integrated, double-door closet and a painted glass installation by contemporary artist Dou Liangyu depicting two workers picking watermelon in a field. All-white linens are used on the king bed, which has a dramatic backdrop of a locally commissioned photo — a riotously colorful red, yellow and blue snapshot of a tree’s shadows on a traditional clay-tiled building in the autumn. Diaphanous white sheers cover the windows, with automatic Roman blinds for when nighttime falls. The desk is inset in its own corner of the room, with a white leather Eames-style rolling desk chair and universal outlets from a pullout panel to the side.

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