What’s the best way to get around in Beirut?

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Andrew Bossone

Most visitors travel by one of the white taxis in Beirut, but there are a few things Forbes Travel Guide editors think you need to know first. Taxis in Lebanon don’t have meters. Instead, you’ll have to negotiate a price before getting in. Most places in the relatively compact city cost $15 to $20. If you don’t mind riding with others, then you can take a servis taxi. If you tell the driver “sir-veese,” it means you’ll pay 2,000 Lebanese lira ($1.30) for the shared ride.
The cheapest way to get around is by bus, but takes longer than by car and it can be complicated if you don’t speak Arabic. Rent a car if you plan on traveling farther than an hour away from Beirut or if you’re staying overnight outside the city. If you want to take a day trip close to Beirut, get the number of a taxi company from the front desk and ask the rates each way. Gratuities are rarely given, so they’re not expected.

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