What is public transportation like in Berlin?

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Katherine Sacks

Berlin is Germany’s largest city, and with a population of roughly 3.5 million people, it’s about 3 times the size of Chicago. An impressive transportation system helps navigate the paths throughout it. The U-Bahn and S-Bahn networks help get you around the central city, with frequent stops in most of Berlin’s primary neighborhoods. These trains also reach out further into the city’s suburbs. The above ground Ringbahn makes a circular loop around this network, connecting points throughout the city center. And every few blocks you'll find either a tram or a bus stop, which make numerous stops throughout the city. The country’s transportation network, Deutsche Bahn, also provides bike rentals; register ahead of time, pick-up a bike, and enjoy the city views on wheels.

One thing to note: the public transportation system here relies on an honesty system, so you won’t find entry barriers at any of the stops. But underground inspectors make rounds throughout the bus, trams, and train lines, giving out fines of up to €40 to riders without a ticket. Tickets can be purchased on trams and at U-Bahn and S-Bahn stations, and need to be stamped before boarding the train. Check out the official website for more information and to plan your journey; the Deutsche Bahn Navigator phone application is also helpful in planning routes for tech-savvy visitors.

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