Where is the best nightlife in Bora Bora?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Kevin Janowiak

The best nightlife in Bora Bora begins and ends at Bloody Mary’s. Duck under the thatched roof and step onto the sandy floor of Bora Bora’s most well-known bar. This is a must-see stop due to its delicious drinks and jaw-dropping spread of fresh fish displayed nightly for patrons. Scores of famous people have experienced the late-night magic of Bloody Mary’s — Johnny Depp, Goldie Hawn and Billy Idol are just a few of the celebrities cataloged by a guest board near the restaurant’s entrance. A corkboard on the way to the bathroom is cluttered with currency from around the globe with scrawled notes on them. The message on all of them is clear — Bloody Mary’s is worth the transoceanic journey to get there. Of course, be sure to swig the namesake Bloody Mary, it’ll be the best you’ve ever downed.

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