Where is the best shopping in Bora Bora?

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Kevin Janowiak

The best shopping in Bora Bora is limited, but luxurious. Whether you’re in search of the perfect pearl or looking for unique handmade gifts, Bora Bora offers up a host of hot spots that are unlike anything in the world. Take a boat ride to Viatape on the mainland, then stroll into the Galerie Alain et Linda, the largest art gallery in Bora Bora. It was staked out more than 35 years ago by a pair of honeymooners who fell in love with the island. Since then, the Parisian expats built the gallery into a one-stop shop for paintings, pottery, and sculptures. The etchings created by local artists are particularly striking as they dilute the vibrant colors of the island and its people into bold black and white impressions. This thatched-roof space will give lovers of traditional and modern works a wealth of options for that perfect, one-of-a-kind souvenir.
After you’ve had your fill, indulge nearby at Robert Wan’s legendary pearl palace. Tahiti’s unbelievable black pearls are touted around the globe—and it’s easy to see why. Robert Wan has personally cultivated Tahitian cultured pearls since 1973, earning a reputation for the island’s finest accumulation of these resplendent orbs. Wan’s adulation of pearls has led to a vast personal collection of jewelry and accessory designs from around the world. Public or privately scheduled tours are offered at his establishment.

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