What are the best attractions in Brisbane?

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Kerry Heaney

Brisbane is a large but friendly city with plenty to do and see, especially outdoors taking advantage of the great weather.

If you’re an action type, suit up and climb to the top of the Story Bridge, one of only three bridges in the world you can climb and the only one you can abseil down.

For more action and adventure, try your hand at kayaking, abseiling, rock climbing and paddle boarding on the Brisbane River and Kangaroo Point Cliffs with Riverlife Adventure Centre.

For a more sedate look at the river, hop on board a River City Cruise past some of Brisbane’s icons. You can also cruise up the river to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and see cute, furry critters.

The Queensland Cultural Centre Art Gallery & GoMA, with their blockbuster and permanent exhibitions, is the place to start for anyone with an interest in art and history

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