What are the five best Budapest food experiences?

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Roberta Gyori

While a bowl of traditional Hungarian goulash and a glass of tokaji wine should be on everyone’s to-try list when visiting Budapest, there are many exiting tastes for foodies. Here are Forbes Travel Guide’s editors’ picks for the five best local food experiences in Budapest:
1. Lángos. This popular street food is served at every market in the city. It's a deep-fried dough flattened into a disk and served with sour cream and cheese, or sprinkled with salt and garlic. It's a tasty and very filling snack.
2. KürtÅ‘skalács. This sweet, spiral-shaped pastry, also called chimney bread, has Transylvanian origins. Its golden brown crust encloses a soft and sweet pastry. You can buy it plain or rolled into walnuts, cinnamon, cocoa, coconut or other toppings from street vendors.
3. Mangalica sausage. As a popular Hungarian staple, sausages (kolbász) come in a variety of forms. A unique and very tasty type of sausage is made from mangalica pork, a Hungarian heritage breed pig. The Central Market Hall is a good place to try some fried Mangalica sausage with mustard, pickles and fresh bread.
4. Foie Gras. Hungary is one of the largest foie gras producers and exporters in the world. Foie gras comes in many forms and is on the menu at many restaurants. Whether you like it grilled, fried, torchoned or as a pâté, foie gras is a must-try food in Hungary.
5. Dobos torte. This classic dessert is one of the many delicacies Hungary is known for. Dobos torte or cake is made up of thin layers of sponge cake with a rich chocolate cream filling topped with caramelized sugar; Gerbeaud and Zingerman’s make some of the best.

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