Where is the best nightlife in Budapest?

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Roberta Gyori

If you’re looking for the best nightlife in Budapest, Forbes Travel Guide’s editors suggest heading for one of the city’s famous ruin pubs, usually located in old, rundown buildings. Inside you’ll find chic retro décor, live music, late opening hours and a great bar scene. They all have charming patios, some even have a rooftop terrace and many of them support contemporary art, adding a Bohemian-like atmosphere. You can't go wrong with any of them, but some of the most popular to try include Szimpla Kert, Grandio, Instant, Dürer and Ötkert.
Wine bars are another great option for a night out in Budapest. Hungary is famous for its wine culture and wine bars are the latest hotspots in the city. Doblo, DiVino, Kadarka, Innio and Drop Shop are some of the city’s favorite wine bars. If you want to visit one of the greatest bars in the world (with the awards to back up that claim), add A38, a ship docked on the Danube, to your party itinerary.

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