What are the best activities in Buenos Aires?

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Karina Martinez-Carter

Argentines are a passionate people, and many of the city's best activities allow visitors to experience that characteristic fervor firsthand. There is of course, the song and dance synonymous with the city and its spirit: tango. Dinner shows like La Esquina de Carlos Gardel or the contemporary Rojo Tango at the Faena Hotel cater to tourists in the city, but after performance hours professional dancers slide out to milongas, which are like tango free-dance sessions held in halls. While the dinner show performances' frills are gone, talent is on full display at milongas taking place at spots like Salón Canning and La Viruta. Despite the stereotype, the average Argentine might not dance tango, but that person definitely is crazy about fútbol (soccer). Snag tickets to a game to cheer and jeer with the best of them, and if it is one of the two most popular clubs, Boca or River, even better. Polo is another popular sporting activity, and visitors can catch a game in the city or book a trip to a nearby estancia (ranch) to play.

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