What are the best attractions in Buenos Aires?

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Karina Martinez-Carter

Buenos Aires is more of a city to experience, rather than to see. Visitors are often recommended to spend time meandering around unhurriedly and exploring neighborhoods, rather than run through must-see sights. That said, some attractions tourists will not want to pass up, starting with Recoleta Cemetery. The hauntingly beautiful urban plot is filled with mausoleums that constitute architectural masterpieces and is where the city’s rich, famous and influential are laid to rest. The aristocratic surrounding area anchored by the luxe Alvear Hotel also is stunning for a stroll. Over in city center is Plaza de Mayo, the city’s most politically and historically important plaza. The Casa Rosada (Pink House) bookends one end and the Mothers of May Plaza still circle the plaza with white handkerchiefs every Thursday afternoon. Walk the length of Avenida de Mayo to the Congress building, passing other standout architectural works like Palacio Barolo and Café Tortoni, one of the oldest cafés in the city where bowtied waiters still turn tables. On the other side of one of the world’s widest avenues, 9 de Julio, is Teatro Colón, an opulent opera theater open for tours during the day and when in season (April-December) performances at night.

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