What are the best coffee shops in Buenos Aires?

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Karina Martinez-Carter

Buenos Aires coffee shops are a mix of the old and new, and both are done spectacularly well.

Of the classic cafes, Café Tortoni is one of the oldest and most famous. Tiffany lamps adorn the top of the bar, which is made of the same dark oak that runs throughout the café and gives the place a feel of old-world splendor. The fare is simple but satisfying and the coffee strong, and attentive bow-tied waiters tend to tables, which are always full.

For the more of-the-moment coffee shops where people hang to sip good coffee and work uninterrupted, the Palermo Hollywood neighborhood is café central. Decata merits making it out to the edge of the neighborhood for the homemade pastries and sweets, while In Bocca al Lupo Caffé is a cheery, bright restaurant has some of the best Italian-style coffee in the city, and Full City Coffee House, while more off the well-trodden tourist path, brews some of the only Colombian coffee in Buenos Aires. Le Blé has a few locations in the city, though concentrated in Palermo Hollywood, and serve some of the biggest (and best) mugs of coffee in the city, as well as tasty, fresh baked goods.

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