What are the best places for breakfast in Buenos Aires?

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Karina Martinez-Carter

Household breakfast fare in Buenos Aires (and Argentina as a whole) is generally light and simple, consisting of some coffee and toasted bread topped with jam, a cheese cream or sweet dulce de leche spread. Bakeries throughout the city open their doors early to satisfy early birds looking for baked goods, and Domani and Los Molinos bakeries pull some of the best medialunas (sweet, small croissants) out of their ovens. Most bakeries are set up for stopping in and taking food to go, though.

While sweet-looking, sit-down cafes throughout the city offer full breakfast (or brunch) menus, the Palermo Hollywood neighborhood is home to some of the cutest and tastiest breakfast spots. There is Oui Oui, which always has a wait on weekends, as well as Pani and Bartola. All serve traditional breakfast dishes like platters with eggs, as well as sandwiches and salads. Porota is a tiny café with some of the best homemade dishes and baked goods to be found in the city. In the Villa Crespo neighborhood, Café Crespin and Malvón Café in Villa Crespo always are bustling around breakfast time, as well.

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