What are the best restaurants for a business lunch in Buenos Aires?

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Karina Martinez-Carter

Buenos Aires is a city of people that like to take their time at meals, enjoying the food, drinks, company and conversation. Business lunches can be lengthy affairs, so it is best to choose a comfortable venue. Since most companies and offices in the city are concentrated in the downtown “Centro” and Puerto Madero waterfront neighborhood, most choose to lunch nearby. Puerto Madero has far more attractive options, plus the added bonus of a riverside view. Cabaña Las Lilas in Puerto Madero is a spacious parrilla, or steakhouse, popular for business lunches. Also off the main drag 9 de Julio is Juana M, a more modern take on the classic Argentine steakhouse with art decorating the walls and a fresh salad bar. A bit farther from the downtown concentration is Kansas, a sleek and spacious gourmet restaurant popular with locals. For an upscale business lunch befitting of foodies, there is Hernán Gipponi in the Fierro Hotel in the Palermo Hollywood neighborhood.

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