What are the best restaurants in Buenos Aires?

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Karina Martinez-Carter

There is more to Buenos Aires’ culniary scene than a fine slab of red meat and flavorful Malbec, but steakhouse dining is a definite must. People point visitors to parrillas (steakhouses) like La Cabrera, Don Julio and Miranda, which while often tourist-filled, have well earned their stripes. Some of the best meals to be had are behind closed doors at puertas cerradas, which are reservation-only restaurants, often operated out of a chef’s home where guests are served a fixed price, multi-course meal with wine pairings. Paladar Buenos Aires and I Latina are two of the favorites, though it is hard to go wrong with any. While ethnic food is less prevalent than in a city like New York—puertas cerradas like Cocina Sunae offer one place to find it—casual restaurant Sarkis serves some of the best Middle Eastern food to be had anywhere. Two of the city’s top restaurants with esteemed, inventive chefs at the helm (both happen to be located in hotels) are Tarquino and Hernán Gipponi, the latter of which offers a brunch to write home about.

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