What are the most unusual dining experiences in Buenos Aires?

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Karina Martinez-Carter

The most unusual dining experiences—or those meals that are unexpected, interesting and surprising in the best possible way—take place behind closed doors. Closed-door restaurants, or puertas cerradas as they are called, are a popular way to for top chefs in the city to operate intimate restaurants. Closed-door restaurants generally operate out of a chef’s private home a few nights per week, with just one seating. Reservations are a must, and the multi-course menu is usually fixed and accompanied with wine pairings. In short, closed-door restaurants tend to be the places offering the finest dining experiences and most inventive and tasty meals in the city. Some like Adentro Dinner Club offer communal dining; others like Cocina Sunae fill a void offering the tastiest ethnic food in the city. Other top closed-door restaurants include Paladar Buenos Aires, I Latina, NOLA and Casa Felix. All are hours-long dining affairs to remember.

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