What is Buenos Aires’s dining scene like?

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Karina Martinez-Carter

The Buenos Aires dining scene is just now beginning to emerge as a top international culinary destination with the diversity, quality and inventiveness to rival the world’s top cities for gastronomy. Generally speaking, though, the city’s restaurants can still be classified under a few categories.

There are the classic steakhouses—and it is really hard to go wrong here—which Buenos Aires has down to a science, serving juicy slabs of meat in a rustic, convivial atmosphere. Italian with an Argentine twist also is done well here, with fresh, homemade pastas and thick, bready slices of pizza. There also are closed-door restaurants, which is where foodies flock and chefs are cooking up and serving some of the best, most inventive cuisine in Buenos Aires. For those looking for brunch or daytime dining, the city is dotted with supremely cute cafes, many with tasty light fare on the menu, particularly in the Palermo Hollywood neighborhood.

Keep in mind people go out to eat late, usually starting around 9:30 pm, and meals are relaxed, unhurried affairs that last for hours. No one will rush you no matter how many people are waiting, either, so feel free to nurse that bottle of wine or order another. You only receive your check when you expressly ask.

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