What is nightlife like in Buenos Aires?

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Karina Martinez-Carter

You will need to mentally, and probably physically, prepare for the nightlife in Buenos Aires. Much like the meal schedule where it normal to be dining out past 10:30 pm for a three-hour dinner, nights start late but last long. Most people will head out for drinks no earlier than 10 pm unless it is an after-work (“after office” as it is called here) outing. Those planning to hit the clubs (or “boliches”) will gather with friends at an apartment, house or bar to “previa,” or socialize among close friends and throw back some drinks before making their way to the clubs. Night owls arrive at the clubs around 2 am, where they are likely to stay until dawn. Argentines are an attractive, image-conscious bunch, and they dress to impress for a night out, whether their destination is a bar or club.

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