What is the best way to see Buenos Aires in one day?

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Seeing Buenos Aires in one day really does depend on the day of the week because the city is so jam-packed with options. Forbes Travel Guide editors suggest that the best thing to do is start early — but not too early. You want to be in touch with the energy of the city, after all. Start by heading to San Telmo; depending on the day, you'll be able to check out the Sunday Market, poke your head into some smoky bars with career waiters in their 60s and enjoy the cobblestone streets and Parisian feel. From there, hop into a taxi before rush hour and hit up Palermo Soho for some shopping and people-watching, stopping to grab a coffee at Bar 6 or a fresh-squeezed juice from B-Blue. Then swing by your hotel room for a short siesta before popping back out for happy hour, perhaps with a caipiroska at 878 in Villa Crespo. From there it's time for dinner — and hopefully you booked yourself a seat at one of the city's puerta-cerrada (closed-door) restaurants, like Casa Felix or Cocina Sunae in Colegiales/Chacarita. Then it's time to hit up one of the clubs like La Cathedral, an oasis of alt-tango on Tuesday nights in Almagro, or somewhere more modern like Niceto, located on Niceto Vega, where you can find Brazil's biggest alt-rockers or a Brooklyn DJ moonlighting as a South American star. Grab a pancho (hot dog) at one of the 24-hour joints near Plaza Serrano and get some rest — you're going to need it when you start the magic all over again tomorrow.

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