What should I pack for a trip to Buenos Aires?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Karina Martinez-Carter

Buenos Aires’ neighborhoods are best explored on foot, so pack accordingly. While comfort is likely a priority for touring around, this is a stylish city and locals get decked out even for their daily errands. Outfits that include running shoes and sweats, for example, are obvious signs of a tourist. Layers also are wise, because even at the peak of summer and winter temperatures can vary drastically day-to-day.

While Argentines love to look their best and outfitted in all the au courant styles, you will want to leave your nicest bags and jewelry at home. Petty crime is unfortunately prevalent throughout the city, and opportunist filchers tend to have their eyes out for tourists, though locals often also are victims. Keep cameras and electronics close. Also, pack adapters and converters for 220 volts and the straight, rounded as well as angled prongs. (Argentina has two outlet shapes, each commonly found.) Should you forget, adapters can be purchased from street vendors and stores throughout the city.

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