What are the best things to see and do in Camden?

Camden and its surrounding towns offer an abundance of activities for everyone to enjoy — whether you’re an outdoorsy type or a shopaholic. To really make the most of your trip, follow Forbes Travel Guide’s guide for the best things to see and do in Camden:
1. Go sailing. There’s no better way to explore Penobscot Bay than by boat, specifically the Schooner Olad with captain Aaron Lincoln at the helm. The restored yacht sails daily in the summer months, and from it you just might catch a glimpse of a bald eagle, seal, guillemot (cousin to the puffin) or a whale. Bring your own booze in the evening, when the breeze is calm and the sun is low.
2. Take a hike in Camden Hills State Park. What the 800-foot Mount Battie lacks in height, it makes up for in views, which are often described as the best on the coast of Maine. The summit overlooks the bay, and its bare ledges make it all the more scenic. The state park offers 30 miles of hiking trails, a campsite and a picnic area for those looking to linger longer.
3. Visit Monhegan Island. About 10 miles off the mainland — accessible only by boat — is a small, rocky island called Monhegan. There are no cars or paved roads, and the year-round population is around 65 people, many of who make their living from the sea. Monhegan is known for its artists’ colony, which has been active for more than a century. Take advantage of the artists’ viewing hours in their studios, and stop by the galleries showing local work. Take a photo break at the picturesque lighthouse, which was built in 1824.
4. Explore the museums. Myriad galleries and art institutions on the midcoast — the Center for Maine Contemporary Art and the Farnsworth Art Museum to name just two — will satisfy the appetite of even the most discerning art appreciator. The CMCA in nearby Rockport is part of Maine’s vibrant contemporary art scene, and the Farnsworth in Rockland has a nationally recognized collection of work by celebrated American artists like Andrew Wyeth.                  
5. Go to Camden Harbor Park and Amphitheatre. Take a stroll through the historic grounds near the newly renovated Camden Library. The parks were designed by renowned landscape architects the Olmsted brothers (of Central Park fame) and Fletcher Steele. From Harbor Park, take in the panoramic view of the harbor. Your visit could very well coincide with a craft fair, wedding, concert, festival or theater production.