What is the best way to see the Canary Islands in one day?

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Cristina Slattery

Our Forbes Travel Guide editors think it’s just about impossible to see all seven Canarian islands in one day. Since each island is rich in terms of plant and animal life and usually contains at least one or two distinct microclimates, experiencing the natural beauty of whichever island you choose to focus on should be the goal of any one-day visit, whether it’s exploring the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves of El Hierro and Lanzarote, the black-sand beaches of La Palma, La Gomera’s Garajonay National Park or Tenerife’s Teide National Park.

On Gran Canaria, a one-day itinerary could include a visit to the rock cloud in Tejeda to enjoy stunning caves in the morning, lunch at one of the island’s many tapas restaurants, a visit to Mundo Aborigen in the afternoon to explore the island’s pre-Hispanic roots, and dinner at a restaurant in Playa de Ingles or Puerto Rico, on the southern part of the island.

In Fuerteventura, our ideal day would begin with a drive to the former capital of Betancuria for a stroll through the city, followed by an early lunch. An afternoon dune buggy excursion to see the lava fields of the island’s interior, as well as the stunning white-sand dunes outside of Corralejo, would be next on the agenda. Afterwards we’d cap off the day with dinner back in Corralejo, the most popular town on the island, at La Taberna, the oldest family-run restaurant in town where specialties include stuffed peppers and paella.

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