What is the best thing to bring home from Cape Town?

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Janelle Schroeder

Cape Town is a sophisticated, cultured city where you’ll find plenty of antiques shops and art galleries selling pieces unique to the area that make great souvenirs to bring home. Church Street is lined with cafes, galleries and shops and plenty of open-air vendors selling everything from jewelry to ceramics. Be wary of the trinkets peddled by roadside vendors throughout Cape Town, as most are not truly South African and come from other parts of the continent. Springbok purses and belts, available at the Greensquare Market, are not only original but also truly South African – the deer-like animal is the name of the nation’s beloved union rugby team.
If leather goods don’t excite you, visit the Cape Quarter’s Township Patterns Boutique. Fabric items, including dresses, scarves, handbags and mens’ shirts, are constructed by women who operate sewing co-ops in the neighboring townships. The clothes sold here are a unique blend of South African patterns and colors with contemporary lines and patterns, and something you won’t find elsewhere.

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