Where is the best shopping in Cape Town?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Janelle Schroeder

To find the best shopping in Cape Town, steer clear of international fashion brands and electronics (which are typically less expensive elsewhere) and focus instead on the deals that can be found in South Africa on jewelry and local crafts—the exchange rate for foreigners means bargains can be easily found. We found an array of eclectic shops and high-end boutiques sprinkled throughout the city that made us wish we had bigger suitcases.
The newly-built, multi-level Cape Quarter shopping center boasts everything from home decor to modern fashion to a Sunday farmer’s market. It’s open seven days per week and is one of a few retail outlets located in the city center. For one-of-a-kind jewelry, a dress for Saturday night or a pair of jeans, the boutiques on Kloof Street know how to delight. The visual displays are inviting and the prices are low enough to turn window shopping into much more.
The best place to bargain shop in the city and one of Cape Town’s most colorful spots, Greenmarket Square is where local vendors set up tents daily to hawk a wide variety of goods to visitors. Jewelry, leather goods and beadwork are the most popular items—and this is the best spot to practice your negotiation skills.

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