What are the five best things to see and do in Capri?

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Like many of the seaside towns along the Amalfi Coast, Capri does not disappoint. Between the citrus-colored villas, sea views and artisan vendors, it is easy to get lost wandering through its steep, narrow streets. Whether you’re in town for a honeymoon or family vacation, there is plenty to do on this island gem. Here are Forbes Travel Guide editors’ picks for the five best things to see and do in Capri:
1.Rent a boat, canoe or kayak. Though the beach is a lot of fun for a leisurely day, the best way to see Capri is from the sea. Whether a dinghy, canoe or kayak, rent a seafaring vessel from Marina Grande and take to the waves. Explore the deserted beaches and mysterious inlets, swim in the rippling water and duck into the Blue Grotto.
2. Spend a day at the beach. Capri’s crystal clear waters are too inviting to pass up. With more than a dozen sunbathing spots, you can find everything from a quiet hideaway to a rowdy social hub to an underwater snorkeling excursion. It should be noted that many of the trendier beaches require a daily fee.
3. Blue Grotto. You simply can’t miss a trip to Capri’s famous Grotta Azzurra. Boat tours to the neon landmark are easy to arrange — thanks to copious advertisements all over the island — and cost between $15 and $20. Only one boat can enter the dark cave at a time, and you’ll have to duck as you pass through the gaping mouth. As you dip into the cavern, prepare yourself to see the most brilliant blues emerging from the water like a submerged aurora borealis.
4. Hike to Villa Jovis. Channel your inner history buff and head to Villa Jovis, where Tiberius ruled the Roman Empire in the first century B.C. The beautiful ruins, practically hanging from the edge of a cliff, are both memorable and educational.
5. Take the chair lift to Mount Solaro. For the best views of Mount Vesuvius and the coastline, take the chair lift near Piazza Vittoria to Mount Solaro, the highest spot on the island. You’ll come across the 800 Phoenician Steps, which connect Anacapri to the Mediterranean.

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