What is the style of The Cove?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

At The Cove spa, Old West meets modern-day luxury. Historically inspired accents such as lantern sconces and oversized iron spigots that pump a constant stream of hot water into the immersion pools lend a rustic feel to the full-service spa at Shore Lodge. The soothing sounds of splashing water blend with the surrounding landscaping, which showcases well-tailored native plants mixed in with granite rocks and tall pine trees. Sitting in the outside pool made to look like a natural hot spring, gazing at the outside fire pit, you almost feel as if you’re one with the wilderness. Luckily, the poolside service and fluffy big towels bring you right back to the real-world pampering. The whole facility is awash in relaxing warm wood accents and it’s not too big, ensuring you have a cozy, intimate time. Located in the main lodge, you can walk to the McCall spa from your rooms without having to go outside — or even changing out of your luxurious robe.

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