What restaurants does Planters Inn have?

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DeMarco Williams

No matter what you’re craving during your stay at Planters Inn, there’s probably a restaurant around the property serving it. Hank’s Seafood Restaurant, an establishment sitting a few blocks away from the hotel but owned by the same proprietor, is a delightful place with a keen eye for service and a great ocean dishes. The night we dined there, the place was bursting with patrons (including CNN’s Sanjay Gupta) noshing on entrées such as local grouper and shrimp and grits. Mercato, another eatery in the Planters Inn family, channels traditional Italian selections through its kitchen. And then there’s Peninsula Grill, a tasty spot serving some of the most sophisticated Southern cuisine to be found in the area. The restaurant, which is also provides in-room dining at the Charleston hotel, shows off its dexterity with breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. And speaking of the latter, the ultimate coconut cake is so beloved by area sweet fanatics that it’s sliced all day to keep up with demand.

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