What are the best adventure outings in Charlotte?

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Sarah Crosland

If you’re looking for a taste of adventure, you’re in the right town. Charlotte offers a variety of offerings for those looking for a thrill. Here are three to get you started:

Skydive Carolina
Board an airplane, climb to 14,000 feet, and then jump out with just your instructor and a parachute. You’ll free fall for a full minute—and trust us, this is plenty long to get a rush, especially when you’re going at speeds of up to 120 mph.

Richard Petty Driving Experience
Get a serious taste of local NASCAR culture—and the thrill of speed—at this popular driving experience at Charlotte Motor Speedway. You’ll ride shotgun for three laps going at 160 mph—and hold on tight.

US National Whitewater Center
Whether you’re rafting the rapids, kayaking the river, hitting the ropes course, or speeding down the zipline, this center to the west of town is packed with ways for adrenaline junkies to get their fix.

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