What is the weather like right now in Charlotte?

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Sarah Crosland

Charlotte tends to have very agreeable weather. With four true seasons, it’s the kind of place where you’ll find snowy winter days and very hot summer ones, but, in general, the weather is mild and pleasant.

During the summer, it can be very warm (highs in the 90’s) in Charlotte though, and July and August are definitely the toughest months. Like many Southern cities, humidity is also an issue, especially in July when summer storms roll through the region many nights.

However, one of the great things about Charlotte is its proximity to the nearby—and always cooler—North Carolina mountains. Many weekends in the summer, locals flock to either the mountains or the beach to cool down. Or, even closer, you’ll find Lake Norman and Lake Wylie, both offering acres of refreshing water for swimming, boating, and sporting while keeping cool.

So, while right now a walk around the city may leave you craving air conditioning, Charlotte is still a top spot to find yourself in the summer time.

Blake Miller

Most summers in Charlotte are HOT--highs even topping out at 100 or 101 during July and August--but the temperature mainly stays in the 90s from June through part of September. But this summer has been exceptionally temperate with lots of rain, which makes for tremendous blooms on creypt myrtle trees seen throughout the South. (That extra rain plays a role in the quality of the leaf changing colors in the North Carolina mountains, which means you can expect amazing color this fall. For that reason alone, this fall would be a great time to visit towns such as Highlands, North Carolina, home to the Forbes four star Old Edwards Inn & Spa.) Though it stays hotter in Charlotte longer than cities in the Northeast, it also gets warmer sooner, which means even in March you can expect temps in the 60s while by April and May the weather hits the mid-70s with little to no humidity.  

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