What’s new in Charlotte?

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Sarah Crosland

As a fast growing city, it seems there’s always a new restaurant, shop, or nightlife hotspot on the horizon in Charlotte. Below, you’ll find the top new spots to hit around town right now.

When owner David Watkins moved his Plaza Midwood custom clothier studio Abbeydale uptown, he also gave it an upgrade. The new space, which feels more New York than new South, is filled with a stylishly curated selection of ready to wear clothing and accessories, as well as custom suits.

Located off of the busy Providence Road south of town, Block & Grinder is part butcher, part wine shop, and part restaurant—and even more remarkably, does all three very well. Stop in for one of the craft cocktails like the bright green Gin Basil Smash alongside a plate of house made charcuterie and pick up a fresh cut of meat to take home. Or stay for a meal prepared by Chef Kent Graham whose expertise in the kitchen shines through in more unusual meats like rabbit and lamb.

The latest addition to the always-bustling and ever-evolving EpiCentre nightlife complex, the swank Bubble Charlotte is focused primarily on champagne. However, you’ll find plenty of luxe cocktails in the two-story space as well. Spend an evening lounging inside or catch skyline views on its balcony while you toast this new nightlife destination.

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