Where is the best pizza in Charlotte?

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Sarah Crosland

Charlotte loves its pizza and from upscale eateries to casual spots where guests order at the counter and sit in red vinyl booths, you’ll find plenty of places to indulge in this favorite fare around town. Here are three top picks for slices that will leave you craving seconds.

Pure Pizza
This relatively new, farm-to-table spot is located inside Uptown’s 7th Street Public Market. Order the personal pizzas at the counter featuring creative toppings like local chorizo sausage, tomatoes, shaved radishes, chopped onions, and lime juice. The crust though is what really sets these pies apart. Made with organically grown grains, it’s the perfect mix of crispy and chewy.

Villa Francesca
The owner is from New York (if his Yankees cap didn’t give it away, his accent would) and his pizza may be the best you’ll find south of the Mason Dixon line. The best pie in the casual joint is the sixteen-by-sixteen inch square Grandma Pizza, which comes with 12 slices of thin crust topped in fresh mozzarella and the secret recipe “Grandma sauce.”

This upscale restaurant in Midtown's Metropolitan complex offers excellent housemade pastas and creative meat dishes, but its pizzas alone would make it worth the trip. Ten inches and prepared in a brick oven, these come with decadent toppings like duck confit, smoked peaches, and grilled green onion or a prociutto with fig, gorgonzola, and arugula.

Blake Miller

Like coffee, ice cream, and burgers, what defines the best pizza is truly a subjective thing. But for those looking for some guidance on where to go for the very best pizza in the Queen City, here’s a look at three spots you won’t want to miss.

Sometimes the most unassuming spots for a great piece of pizza are also the ones serving up the city’s top slices. At this Ballantyne pizzeria located just a few miles from the South Carolina state line, you can expect oversize slices oozing with serious Italian spices and flavor. While the classic Grandma’s Pie—a thin crust pizza with mozzarella, crushed tomatoes, fresh basil and garlic—is the go-to choice, specialty slices such as the Lasagna Pizza—a heavenly combination of ground pork and veal, fresh ricotta cheese, housemade sauce, and more atop a hearty crust—are a delightful departure from the norm.

Pure Pizza
You’d never expect some of the best pizza in Charlotte to be tucked away among other food vendors, but, alas, Pure Pizza is. Located in 7th Street Market—a similar set up to Philly’s Reading Terminal Market but on a much, much smaller and more high-end scale—Pure Pizza is dishing out what could be the city’s best pizza. Pure Pizza sources almost all of its ingredients from local farms, which means you’re getting the freshest toppings, crust, and cheese—all of which are organic—in town. The crust, though, is the real star here. Options include a sprouted ancient grain, which features a variety of nutrient rich grains such as quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, and whole wheat. The result is a crust that’s the perfect complement to toppings such as Cottonmill Farms Oyster mushrooms, Dan the Pig Man Wild Smoked salmon, and Prestige Farms Chicken, all local purveyors.

This Midtown spot has long been known as the best modern Italian restaurant in Charlotte. But for those looking for some truly exceptional gourmet pizzas, Vivace is the place to go. These 10-inch pizzas prepared in a brick oven boast toppings such as duck confit, prosciutto, fig, and more. Served on a wood cutting board, these gourmet pizzas are so decadent and flavorful you won’t need a doggy bag.

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