What is the design style of Clifton Inn?

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Genevelyn Steele

The manor house at Clifton Inn is an example of Federal and colonial-revival-style architecture and a hat tip to the history of the area. Originally, Clifton Inn was a trading post, not a private residence, so it’s been updated and added onto over the years since it was built in the beginning of the 1800s. The remains of an icehouse are visible from trickles of a dried-up spring that was once used to keep perishables cold. The liveries and carriage house both have been converted into guest rooms and suites and are stocked with Gilchrist & Soames bath products. Many of the rooms have claw-foot tubs, in addition to multi-headed, high-pressure showers.

What guests like most about the design of the hotel is that it conveys a sense of history without feeling stuffy. The lived-in library and breezy porches feel more like the living spaces of a relative’s home than those found in a hotel. For some guests, sneaking downstairs in the middle of the night to raid the kitchen cookie jar is a Clifton tradition.

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