What’s the best time to visit Clifton Inn?

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Genevelyn Steele

The best time to visit Clifton Inn is May through October, when eye-popping blooms, rich foliage and melodious birdsong fill the 100-acre grounds. Lake Leanna, a freshwater swimming hole at the bottom of a hill, is the Charlottesville hotel’s best-kept secret. Guests in the know enjoy refreshments on one of the benches overlooking the lake or walking the quarter-mile path along its rim.

Another time to book your stay is to coincide with one of the hotel's winemaker dinners or celebrity chef events. Summer is the most enjoyable season for dining, but leaf changing in the fall is also quite stunning. Clifton Inn is densely forested with well-maintained grounds that include a meticulously watered clay tennis court. Those seeking a quieter stay will appreciate the mid-week deals available in January and February at the luxury hotel with dinner or tea fireside.

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