What are the best beaches in Chicago?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Lauren Viera

Not many visitors realize what a huge beach town Chicago is until they’ve had a chance to visit. (See my blog post on Chicago's hidden beach scene.) But with two dozen beaches to choose from, everyone's got a favorite. Mine is the relatively low-key Montrose Beach, primarily because it never feels crowded. It’s the biggest beach in the city, and there’s a lot of room to spread out on the wide patch of sand between the grassy knoll and the calm waves.

My other favorite is technically a park, but it’s just as pleasant for taking in the water. It’s Berger Park in Edgewater, just a little tiny patch of sand and grass snug between a few historic mansions. Don’t visit expecting to lie out on the sand, but do make a stop here if you’d like to have a bite at the Waterfront Café while watching the waves.

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