What are the best fine-dining restaurants in Chicago?

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Lauren Viera

There is no shortage of fine dining in Chicago, a city whose permanent residents enjoy upscale meals out as often as its many visitors. At the top of the list is a restaurant fit for the President: Spiaggia, with a menu designed by James Beard award-winning Chef Tony Mantuano.

Quite high on the list is also one of the most fun dining experiences in town, if you're fortunate enough to score tickets. Michelin-starred Chef Grant Achatz's Next restaurant changes menus every three months, so you could be on the "Hunt" from winter through spring (wild game, meats and woodland accoutrements), or find yourself eating "Vegan" in the months leading up to summer. Achatz's first restaurant, Alinea, recently included in the 2013 Forbes Travel Guide as a Five Star restaurant, remains one of the best restaurants in the nation, and is a bit easier for reservations -- but only a bit.

The newest addition to the fine dining scene is Grace, the debut restaurant for Chef Curtis Duffy, who previously worked in the kitchens of both Achatz and renown, retired Chicago dining star Charlie Trotter. Another more established restaurant, Sixteen, was included in the 2013 Forbes Travel Guide as a Five Star restaurant and remains a hot destination.

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