What is Chicago’s dining scene like?

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Lauren Viera

Chicago once had a food reputation limited to pizza, ballpark dogs and steakhouses. But the past decade and beyond has seen the city emerge as a leader in the nation's farm-to-table trend, in part because of the its proximity to some of the nation's best farmland. More than anything else, casual, farm-to-table fare is a through-line among Chicago's eateries.

One of the most popular restaurants to open in recent years is Girl and The Goat, with Top Chef Stephanie Izard at the helm. Specializing in rustic American food with a handful of regional specialties, Girl and the Goat is a quintessential Chicago restaurant in terms of its emphasis on local products and produce, a casual but styled environment, and a menu designed around small, shared plates.

Girl and the Goat sits on Chicago's popular Restaurant Row on Randolph Street in the West Loop, which is the epicenter of classic Chicago restaurants such as Blackbird and Avec, two of local chef Paul Kahan's first venues. Other giants of the local dining scene include Chef Tony Mantuano of Spiaggia, one of the Obamas' go-tos; Chef Grant Achatz (Alinea, Next), Chef Curtis Duffy (Grace), Chef Anothony Martin (Tru), and restaurateur Scott Harris (Mia Francesca, The Purple Pig).

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