Where is the best pizza in Chicago?

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Lauren Viera

It all depends -- namely on whether you're in search of the best Chicago-style pizza, or the best pizza, period.

For Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, there are three main contenders, each passionately defended by their followers. Giordano's, Pizzeria Uno and Lou Malnati's are the widely regarded frontrunners, and each has its own story claiming invention of deep-dish pizza, Chicago's quintessential pan-roasted pizza layered with marinara sauce, toppings and a thick layer of deliciously stringy cheese.

Established in the early 1940s, Pizzeria Uno is the eldest of Chicago's three pizza powerhouses. Lou Malnati's namesake founders worked at Uno before starting their own brand of pizza in the early 1970s. The youngest of the bunch, Giordano's, was established in 1974 by a pair of Italian brothers paying homage to their mother's recipe.

All three pizzerias now have multiple locations throughout Chicago. Each offers a thin-crust version, as well, but when in Rome...

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