What are the five best Christchurch food experiences?

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Jeff Fleisher

The cuisine of New Zealand is just as diverse as the population. Here are Forbes Travel Guide’s editors’ picks for the five best food experiences in Christchurch:
1. Hāngi. The Willowbank wildlife reserve regularly hosts Maori cultural shows that include Maori-style hāngi, a style of cooking with food roasted in an earth oven that brings out the flavor.
2. Flat White. Similar to a latte, the flat white is a jewel of Wellington's coffee scene, but has migrated to Christchurch as well. The Addington Coffee co-op serves a good example.
3. Whitebait. All seafood is popular in New Zealand, but none as much as this tender little white fish. Often served fried into an omelet called a whitebait fritter, this is a quintessential taste of New Zealand. 
4. Kumara. A type of sweet potato that was brought to New Zealand by Maori settlers from Polynesia, the kumara is a staple of the cuisine here. It shows up in all sorts of forms, so be sure to try it at least once.
5. Pavlova. This classic dessert of airy meringue layered with lemon curd and fresh fruit was created in New Zealand, so it’s a must. It was named after Anna Pavlova, a famous Russian ballerina who visited New Zealand in 1926.

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