What are the best things to see in Cincinnati?

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Cincinnati is by far the largest city in Southern Ohio. With a wealth of fine restaurants, a redeveloped downtown with a Skywalk, its own Montmartre in Mount Adams and the beautiful Ohio River, Cincinnati has a cosmopolitan flavor uniquely its own. Check out Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden and Eden Park while you’re there.

1. Cincinnati Art Museum. Founded in 1881, Cincinnati Art Museum features 88 galleries and a permanent collection of over 60,000 works of international art spanning 6,000 years. Its most notable gems include the only collection of ancient Nabataean art outside of Jordan, the renowned Herbert Greer French collection of old master prints, and a fine collection of European and American portrait museums.

2. Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. More than 500 animal species can be seen in a variety of natural habitats, including the world famous gorillas and white Bengal tigers at Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. The Cat House features 16 species of cats; the Jungle Trails exhibit is an indoor-outdoor rain forest. Rare okapi, walrus, Komodo dragons and giant eland also are on display. Enjoy the participatory children’s zoo, animal shows, elephant and camel rides. There are also picnic areas and an onsite restaurant.

3. Eden Park. One of the most popular Cincinnati Parks, Eden Park is more than 185 acres initially called "the Garden of Eden." It is home to the Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park and the Krohn Conservatory. Popular landmarks are Mirror Lake, the Bettman Foundation and the Hinkle Magnolia Garden, which has a picturesque gazebo, memorial tree groves and paths. Four overlooks offer scenic views of the Ohio River, the city and Kentucky hillsides.

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