What is the design style of InterContinental Cleveland?

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Michelle Venorsky

If you’re new to the area surrounding InterContinental Cleveland, specifically the Cleveland Clinic, one of the immediate things that may strike you is the sheer size of the main campus. It’s massive, with several new buildings under construction. Another thing that stands out is the design and appearance of many of its buildings. They are modernistic, sleek and well-designed. The aesthetics of the clinic’s buildings — on the outside and in — are important to the hospital. As such, the hotel is no exception. The design team worked to create a space that would appeal to people visiting from all over the world, including celebrities, foreign dignitaries and leaders.

When you enter the Cleveland hotel, you’re greeted by a granite replica of a world map that is out of the pages of one of the clinic’s medical journals. This replica features 15,000 pieces of granite that was put in by hand, piece by piece. Turn the corner and you’ll find a 500-seat amphitheater that features the best technology available. It has to — after all, this space routinely live broadcasts surgeries and procedures to educate doctors all over the world, among other things.

But don’t let all of the science fool you. While the luxury hotel certainly caters to the clinic, you’ll still be taken care of, even if your visit has nothing to do with health and wellness.

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