Where is InterContinental Cleveland located?

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Michelle Venorsky

InterContinental Cleveland is part of the Cleveland Clinic campus. The location itself is near many hot spots in the city, including downtown, University Circle (home to some of the country’s best museums) as well as Tremont and Ohio City, which house many of Cleveland’s best independent restaurants, shops and the West Side Market, a must-see experience in food, culture and history.

Regardless of what brings you to stay at the luxury hotel, the InterContinental tries to deliver an authentic experience that’s true to Cleveland. The staff understands that many who visit may not be familiar with the city’s unique attributes, beyond the typical touristy spots. This is why the concierge staff routinely visits, uncovers and participates in all the city has to offer. The staff works to find out what’s important to the guest: food, music, culture, nature, etc. Then the concierge service customizes an experience for you. If you don’t want to go by yourself, no problem. The concierge will even accompany you. It’s the staff’s goal to show each guest what makes Cleveland suck a remarkable city, whether that be through its museums, sporting venues, theaters, restaurants or lakefront.

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