What is the price range for a meal at Golden Bee?

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As a casual pub specializing in hearty English fare, Golden Bee offers entrées with a price range of $9 to $17. The average three-course meal (excluding drinks) — which, mind you, amounts to a whole lot of grub — wouldn’t top $30 at The Broadmoor restaurant. You’ll find tasty appetizers such as South Shore seafood chowder and Hackney hot wings with Stilton cheese dip, all under $10. Specialties like shepherd’s pie and cottage pie (beef tips braised in Guinness) go for a tad more, around $12.50. Pub classics like fish and chips as well as English-cut roast beef in a mustard crust top out at about $16. Of course, if you want to up the ante a bit in terms of price, there’s always the other restaurants within the Five-Star hotel, such as Charles Court or the excellent Five-Star Penrose Room.

Duane Thompson

A meal at The Golden Bee ranges from $9 to $16.

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