What are the best things to order at Play?

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Michelle Doucette

Play offers a wide yet carefully curated selection of globally influenced comfort foods that pair well with the relaxed but sophisticated restaurant space. Here are our top things to order at Play:

1. Koh Si Chang calamari. This lightly fried appetizer gets a new twist with lime, jalapeño and a deliciously refreshing and spicy sriracha-mayo dip.

2. Ceviche. Chef David Patterson’s menu features three flavorful ceviches inspired by different destinations. Choose from Hawaii poke (with ahi tuna, chilies and scallions), Acapulco shrimp (with tomato, avocado, lime and cilantro) and Peruvian-style hamachi (with sweet corn and citrus).

3. Hot dogs. There are no less than six hot dogs on the all-day menu at Play. From a classic ballpark frank with housemade relish and onion to a Korean-style dog with smoked pork, spicy kimchi and pickles, they’re classic complements to the upscale bowling experience.

4. Shakes. Kids and adults will love Play’s old-fashioned shakes. There are the classic flavors, of course, plus grasshopper, Oreo and “bana-butter” with caramelized banana, peanut butter ice cream and hazelnut swirl. But the over-21 crowd should let their eyes float down the page to the extensive list of “premium shakes and floats” that have the added kick of alcohol. We recommend one of the floats that feature Colorado-made Izze soda.

5. Mocktails or cocktails. The Colorado Springs restaurant’s eclectic mix of specialty drinks is equal parts whimsical (there’s a mint-hibiscus King Pin and a chocolate-flavored Gutter Ball), traditional (see the Singapore sling and mai tai) and locally sourced (don’t miss the shaved ices poured with Colorado’s Leopold Bros. liqueurs).

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