What is the interior design of Play?

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Michelle Doucette

The interior design of Play is masculine — think deep shades of brown and red; studded, tufted leather; wood paneling; and flat-screen bowling monitors — and modern with retro touches. It’s a fairly open space, with a partial wall separating the bowling and dining areas, but it’s also intimate and cozy, thanks in part to the sleek gas fire glowing from within the dividing wall. The lack of windows, along with the eclectic collection of vintage trophies and black-and-white sports photographs, evokes the feel of an exclusive club or den.

Textures range from that soft leather to rich velvet, and playful touches include high-top tables etched with diamond detailing reminiscent of a bowling shirt pattern — a theme repeated in the plush carpeting and wall-mounted images. Even the more practical aspects of the Colorado Springs restaurant have been thoughtfully designed: Jewel-colored bowling bowls emblazoned with “Play at The Broadmoor” are neatly displayed in rows and antibacterial soap is found at the lanes inside colorful but discreet pump bottles.

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