Does the Tavern have a bar?

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If you couldn’t tell from its name, the Tavern has a full bar to complement its chophouse repertoire. Cocktails skew classic, from Manhattans and margaritas to stingers and sidecars. The beer selection befits the meaty cuisine — there are porters, stouts, brown ales and a few Colorado offerings. A select wine list emphasizes domestic labels, including all the expected California chardonnays and cabernets, as well as other surf-and-turf-friendly pours: sauvignon blanc, zinfandel, malbec. And of course there’s single-malt Scotch and bourbon, so you can start your meal the way the movers and shakers of mid-20th-century supper clubs did. To end your visit — that is, if your stomach can handle it — try one of the restaurant’s signature after-dinner drinks, such as the nutty Irishman, with Baileys Irish Cream and Frangelico served on the rocks, or the Tavern coffee, spiked with amaretto, brandy and whipped cream.

Duane Thompson

Tavern has a bar that is located in the main Tavern Room near the music and dance floor, adjacent to the open kitchen.

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