What are the desserts like at the Tavern?

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The dessert selection at the Tavern is as classic as could be. Think chocolate layer cake drenched in hot fudge, brioche bread pudding in vanilla sauce, skillet-baked caramel-apple pie, cheesecake, crème brulée and chocolate mousse. Even bombe à la meringue makes a comeback from the dinner parties of the 1950s, complete with sour cherry sauce. Lighter alternatives include fresh berries in crème anglaise and an assortment of ice creams and sorbets. And what better to accompany such blasts from the past than a good old-fashioned Brandy Alexander? Or try one of the specialty dessert drinks, such as the nutty Irishman — Baileys Irish Cream and Frangelico served on the rocks — or the Tavern coffee, spiked with amaretto, brandy and whipped cream.

Duane Thompson

The Tavern has eight different decadent desserts ranging from mile-high fudge cake to warm skillet baked apple pie. warm brioche bread pudding and berries à la Victor are two of The Tavern’s classic desserts. There is also a wide selection of ice creams and sorbets.

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