What is the interior design of the Tavern?

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From an interior design standpoint, the Tavern is really three restaurants in one. Upon entering, you’ll find yourself in a dining room that befits the name. Woody and cozy, it derives its amber glow from the bottle-lined wrought-iron chandeliers overhead; the raised stage where the Tavern Orchestra performs four nights a week lends an almost supper-club vibe. Behind it is the appealingly quirky Mayan Room, whose name is also telling — decorative flourishes in shades of rust and turquoise suggest a tribal, totemic theme. Lastly, there’s the Garden Room, an airy, plant-filled atrium that’s popular with the local ladies who lunch.

Duane Thompson

The Tavern is comprised of three dining rooms. The first dining room is the Tavern Room or Front room, which has a wood floor with wood paneling, which reflects the original gentleman's smoking lounge that The Tavern started out as. The second dining room is the Mayan Room, named for the Mayan architecture that it displays throughout. And third dining room is The Garden Room, which is an enclosed atrium, that allows year-round dining in an "outdoor" setting.

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